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Allied Rongda Shougang Jingtang 2 # 5500 blast furnace repair project perfect ending

Issues Time:2017-12-10

December 10, Beijing Allied Rongda Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. contract Shougang Jingtang 2 # 5500m³ blast furnace repair project lasted 14 days has been successfully completed, and on the December 10, finished baking at 11 PM, delivered to Party A, so far Allied Rongda Shougang Jingtang 2 # 5500m³ blast furnace repair project perfect ending.

Allied Rongda is responsible for the blast furnacetop top air cover shotcrete, full lining shotcrete, tuyere zone casting, cooling stave grouting, iron mouth area grouting and so on, the total amount of material is 694 tons.

Process review:

On November 22, Allied rongda formally launched Shougang Jingtang 5500m³ blast furnace repair project.

On November 28, 5 AM, began to shotcrete 2 # blast furnace top air cover parts for 11 hours, 52 tons of material.
After 36 hours of continuous operation, until 19 pm of November 30, the blast furnace lining shotcrete project completed smoothly, with a total consumption of more than 517 tons, 5 hours ahead of schedule to complete the lining shotcrete task, get the approval by party A and the maintenance unit.

On December 3, with the cooperation of Allied Rongda, Party A and the Maintenance unit, tuyere casting project, iron mouth grouting, cooling stave and furnace shell grouting are completed in succession.

The maintenance project time limit for a project is tight, the task is heavy, Allied Rongda company attaches great importance to this, and the implementation of the project has carried on the careful organization, set up the project department, and developed a rigorous technical scheme, installation scheme and a variety of plans, in the installation process, the installation team strictly implement the installation design and installation procedures, the quality assurance system with installation inspection, material supply, production schedule and installation organization as the content is established. Each installation process meets the requirements of design and installation specifications, which greatly accelerates the installation progress. on the basis of summarizing the past experience, many technical improvements and simulation tests are made, laying a good foundation for the successful completion of the medium-sized repair project of Shougang Jingtang 5500m³ blast furnace.

The Shougang Jingtang 5500m³ blast furnace repair project is another successful application of Allied Rongda shotcrete technology on the giant blast furnace in China. Allied Rongda will continue to provide strong guarantee for the large blast furnace with "high yield, high quality, low consumption and long life".