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 Welcome to Allied Rongda
  Beijing Allied Rongda Engineering Material Co.,Ltd. is one well—known and high-tech enterprise which integrates its research, production, marketing, operating and management into a whole. As the most dynamic, strongest company, it also owns vast kinds of products and ability of undertaking the whole product line of metallurgic field,...  
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  We speak from experience and with a global understanding. We talk knowledgeably about the local and geographical issues faced by our customers. We respond to our customers quickly, wherever they are, in an approachable and friendly way.  
  The importance of blast furnace heating-up after maintenance [2022-09-14]
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  New converter repair material without lung-burning air... [2022-09-01]
  Be a "Quick Repair Iron Army " [2021-03-01]
  Allied Rongda to be awarded “Advanced Standardization Unit” in 2020 [2020-12-22]
  Allied Rongda won the honorary title of "Little Giant" enterprise [2020-12-22]
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