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The importance of blast furnace heating-up after maintenance 2022-09-14
Be aimed at quality controlling of the general contracting process of heating furnace 2022-09-05
New converter repair material without lung-burning air, and also reducing costs and increasing production! 2022-09-01
Be a "Quick Repair Iron Army " 2021-03-01
Allied Rongda to be awarded “Advanced Standardization Unit” in 2020 2020-12-22
Allied Rongda won the honorary title of "Little Giant" enterprise 2020-12-22
Allied Rongda Participates in Russian International Metallurgical Casting Iron and Steel Exhibition(Metal-Expo 2018) 2018-11-28
Mr. Dominique Eurin from Allied Rongda International Engineering Department attends IAS in Argentina 2018-11-20
CEO from German VGH-AG Company visits Allied Rongda 2018-11-07
Guest from Sharadaa Ceramics visits Allied Rongda 2018-11-07
The brand of Allied Rongda is presented in the 18th China International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition. 2018-05-22
The 2018 (20th) National Steelmaking Academic Conference Co-organized by Allied Rongda was a complete success 2018-05-22
The introduction of foreign high talent to help the international market development -- Mr. Dominique Eurin joined Allied Rongda 2018-05-21
The 2018 National Blast Furnace Ironmaking Academic Conference Co-organized by Allied Rongda was a complete success 2018-05-15
Allied Rongda Successfully Completed the 2# Blast Furnace Shotcrete Project and Hearth Integral Casting of Yunnan Desheng Steel 2018-05-15
Allied Rongda Successfully Completed the 1380m3 Blast Furnace Shotcrete Project of Yingkou Jiachen Steel 2018-04-19
Allied Rongda Successfully Completed the 2200m3 Blast Furnace Shotcrete Project of Lianyuan Steel 2018-04-10
Allied Rongda Xi'an branch successfully completed the innovation project of Qujing Xinchuang blast furnace slag ditch 2018-03-27
Allied Rongda participated in Indian international refractory conference 2018-03-14
Russia's Deman company visiting and communicating 2018-03-14
Allied Rongda Xi'an branch successfully completed the shotcrete and hearth casting project of 3# blast furnace of Xichang steel vanadium 2018-03-14
[Happy News] Allied Rongda “Environment-friendly water-based non-carbon patching material for charge pad of converter” through the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements 2018-01-31
Allied Rongda Shougang Jingtang 2 # 5500 blast furnace repair project perfect ending 2017-12-10
Dr Zhang Ronghui, chairman of Allied Rongda, attended the 11th Annual Meeting of China Iron and Steel 2017-11-28
Allied Rongda officially launched Shougang Jingtang 5500m3 blast furnace repair project 2017-11-22
Allied Rongda participated in the Russian Metal-Expo’ for the first time 2017-11-21
Dominique Eurin inspects 1080 blast furnace gunning installation site of a steel plant in Hunan province 2017-10-31
Dominique Eurin came to visit our company 2017-10-31
Allied Rongda Conference in the first half of 2017 was held in Beijing 2017-07-11
Environmental Friendly Type "Water-Based" Self-Flowing Pads Material to Solve the Difficult Problem of Converter Lining Repairing -- China Metallurgical News 2017-06-13
Professional Refractory Technology Provider for Blast Furnace Maintenance 2017-06-13
Allied Rongda Co-Organized: 2017 The National Academy of Blast Furnace Ironmaking Conference was successfully completed 2017-06-13
Allied Rongda successful completed Shagang 5800m³ giant blast furnace lining shotcrete project 2017-06-07
Allied Rongda Nanjing company successfully completed a BF hearth casting project for Ulanhot Iron and Steel Co. 2017-05-23
The Belt and Road - Win-Win cooperation Allied Rongda power Qingdao full automation terminal construction 2017-05-16
Baosteel Bagang two above 2000 m³ blast furnace started pressing installation 2017-05-09
Luanxian Jinma Industrial Co., Ltd. 2 blast furnace slag runner projects was under way 2017-05-03
Brief report: The Metal Society of China successfully held the “High Efficiency & Low Cost Steelmaking Technology Conference” 2017-04-18
Delegates from the George Washington University School of Business Visited Allied Rongda 2017-03-14
Allied Rongda joy to be listed on the letter, will soon be listed on the NEEQ 2017-03-07
Anshan Steel 4038BF Shotcrete Project Succeeded 2016-07-28
Tianjin Rockcheck Steel 5th BF Shotcrete Construction was Completed Successfully 2012-02-08
Allied Rongda Group Grandly Held 2011 Annual Summary Commendation Congress 2012-01-17
Shagang 2500m3 BF Lining Shotcrete Construction was Finished 2012-01-17
Allied Rongda Group 2011 Annual Management Work Meeting was held in Beijing 2012-01-17
Xichang New Steel 2#450m3 BF Shotcrete Project was Completed Succesfully 2012-01-17
Personnel to India Started out and Group Company Leader Saw Them off 2011-11-30
Allied Rongda Completed the Shotcrete Project of Shaft Furnace in China 2011-11-24
Fushun Xin Steel 4#BF Shotcrete Construction Was Completed Successfully 2011-11-02
Allied Rongda Attended 8th CSM Annual Meeting 2011-11-02
Rongda Successfully Finish the Project of Huaxinyuan 450m³BF Shotcrete 2011-11-02
Shengfeng 2#680m³ Shotcrete Construction Was Completed Successfully 2011-11-02
Our Company Attended the Ninth National Continuous Casting conference 2011-09-27
Shanxi Haixin 1380m3BF Lining Shotcrete Construction Was Completed Successfully 2011-09-20
Our Company Attended the Twelfth Nationwide Annual Iron Meeting of Large BF 2011-09-20
Rockcheck Steel's 1#450BF Lining Shotcrete Project Was Successfully Completed 2011-08-30
Tang Steel 3200m3 BF Enclosure Shotcrete Project was Successfully Completed 2011-08-19
The Progress Report of Refractory for Iron-making Caused a Strong Reaction 2011-04-01
RockcheckSteel's 580 Lifespan of BF Iron through Continuously Create New Records 2011-04-01
The Shotcrete for Quzhou Yuanli 1#450BF Lining Was Successfully Completed 2011-04-01
The Shotcrete for Quzhou Yuanli 2#450BF Lining Was Successfully Completed 2011-04-01
Malaysia Qingfeng Iron&Steel Company Come to Visit Our Company 2011-04-01
2011 New Year party's Put on Wonderfully 2011-03-30
2010 Annual Summary Commendation Congress Was Held in Beijing ceremoniously 2011-03-30
450BF Shotcrete Construction in Hoa Phat Steel Ends Smoothly 2011-03-30
PH.D Zhang Ronghui Attended the Banquet of China Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam 2011-03-30
450BF Shotcrete Construction in Pangang Ends Smoothly 2011-03-30
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