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Be aimed at quality controlling of the general contracting process of heating furnace

Issues Time:2022-09-05

The quality control of the general contracting process of heating furnace is the key to the effect of the project. The process planning work shall be done well, the investigation and analysis of personnel, materials, equipment, technical capacity, logistics, construction environment, etc. shall be carried out accurately, and the necessary construction technical scheme design and review shall be organized to ensure the implementation of the plan, the daily standards are clear and the measures are specific.

Specific measures for quality control of heating furnace general contractor include project investigation control, scheme formulation control and construction process control. The project investigation control includes: the position and condition of refractory materials of furnace lining, the scope of replacing burner, pipeline and equipment, the planned date and construction period requirements of the general contractor, and the site construction conditions. The formulation and control of the scheme shall include the specific contents of the general contracting project, the specific construction steps, the material quantity table, the construction equipment table, the personnel quantity and arrangement plan, the material index requirements, the construction period schedule, the delivery schedule, the auxiliary coordination projects, the safety, epidemic prevention and environmental protection measures. Quality inspection and classification shall be carried out for materials required for construction, and inspection and contingency plans shall be made for key materials.

In the actual heating furnace general contracting project, especially the maintenance project, the realization of the above-mentioned process needs to be reasonably arranged and closely operated around the construction time table. In addition, when each node is cross implemented, one node is often delayed, resulting in linkage delay. Make adequate plans for unexpected changes, especially personnel arrangement and management plan. Since there are many temporary personnel involved in the maintenance project, management personnel shall be reasonably allocated and managed by teams. In the emergency repair project, attention shall be paid to organizing a strong team, relying on professional knowledge and tenacious attitude, and flexible control shall be carried out in combination with the actual situation and around the quality of the general contracting project to finally ensure the quality of the general contracting project.